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Educational Services

For Students, B2B Private Companies & Govermental Bodies
of the European Comunity


For Students

Offering accredited language exams in order to officialy certify your second languge. Face to Face preperation in reduced groups or one to one. You can even do the exam online from your home or office Personal Computer and get an Official Recognition...


For B2B / Private Companies 

As a U.K. Company, we offer our service for European Companies who seek professional aids for any linguistic Project. We work both online through webcam, in-house and in situ directly at your premises and give live classes face to face.


For Govermental Bodeis

Whether you need an Interpreter for a congress or meetings, a Translator for official documents or international agreements, or a qualified Teacher for your civil staff language training, we offer services that will suit the need of the desired demand.

Accredited Certificates for English

Officialy reconized by the U.K. Goverment & the EU Community 
according to the CEFR


U.K. R. Office
483 Green Lanes 
London, N13 4BS, U.K.


U.K. Phone: (+44) 203 393 7837
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 
M 900 to 1330  / A 1600 to 2000