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No matter where you are...

We will be with you durring the whole process
Prep, Exam & Success.

Accredited Certificates for English

Officialy reconized by the U.K. Goverment & the EU Community 
according to the CEFR

Why us? 

Live classes

Free coaching

We will let you know the best exam for you according to your present knowledge. 

Friendly Teacher

Patient is the key.

Availabilty 24 hours

We teach world wide, therefore, we have a teacher waiting for you 24/6. ( Sundays Off)

Materials Included

All hour classes include marterials such as Ebook, PDF and Online Platform.

About our classes...

Check out the benefits

Our course is 100% Online via Skype.
We use Skype since it is 100% free and compatible with Mac, Android Smartphone, and Tablets so you can connect easily anywhere. Other than, live face to face communication, with Skype you can share screens and download and upload files.

We include a “student platform".
You will be able to download class materials*, such as eBooks, grammar test, videos tutorials which explains step by step each area of the official exams, exams listening and so on.

Qualified & Certified Native Teachers.
Our teachers, not only do we have official recognition but also, many years of experience in the Teaching Education & Assessment field, specialized in ESOL and why not, let also say that being bilingual is the best advantage, it will be explained in your mother tongue, when needed.

Only 4 Students per Class.
With 4 students per class, you have guaranteed teachers attention and just the perfect amount of students for role play. Knowing other students “common mistake”, also enhances your knowledge. Remember, everyone one is a learner, and everyone is a teacher.

Exam Prep for Reduce Groups:
2 Days a week / One hour and half class duration.
Our initial cycle is just perfect to start off, a 8 week program will get you “rollin” for you objective. You may continue for another 4 recurrent week with a discount. And an hour and half of class time.

One on One classes / Just Conversation
Whether you are shy or not, or need a more flexible timetable, the One on One option is perfect for you as low as 12€ the hour for a 20 class downpayment, you can use this class to either improve you fluency or even prepare the speaking part of an official Exam. Click here for more info.

A direct phone number to call and even whatsapp
For any quick inquiries you may have after classes to you teacher. With a U.K. number or a number of your country, which ever suits your need.)

Free face to face Fluency Interview, Level Test and Consultaion.
Not sure what is the best certification or exam for you? No problem, take an interview with us, face to face, via Skype, we will tell you your best option and you can make a firm decision knowing all the pro´s and con´s.

Choose the type of Exam Prep.
University of Cambridge, Trinity College London, LanguageCert, British Council-Aptis,  City & Guilds..

Official Exam Registration
Bristish Council, University of Cambridge & Trinity College London has examinating centers world wide, City & Guilds through the U.K and LanguaCert is can be done 100& Onlie. During your class with us, we will assisit you for your exam booking in your nearest location.